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You are looking for pass? this is the right place, I share a huge list of passwords. These pass are verified et regulary updated, just download and enjoy the private albums at !  

Watch the list : 

If you want to download the full lis of pass, just click the link above:


Sometimes, the files host may ask you to complete a short survey , don't worry it's free and you will get the files. The passwords are in a XLS sheet, so it's easy to read and find the passwords related to the album name.

                                is a website that allows users to share their picture (personal or found on the internet). A number of class are available, the most popular can draw up to 10,000 visitors a day.
Some users block their photograph albums with a password, it is impossible to open the album if you have not passwords. Must demmander the user or give him something in return (another password, for example).

For this reason, I save you hours of research and trading by providing a complete list of pass.

Keep this list for you in case users will realize this and change their passwords.

Happy download !!